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Victoria Taylor - Biomechanics Kent

About Victoria Taylor

With many years experience in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry, Victoria uses the latest exercise techniques, to deliver challenging and highly effective workout sessions.

Having trained with the world-renowned STOTT PILATES organization, Victoria is fully qualified in all Pilates studio equipment and matwork.

Victoria is also a Somatic Movement Coach and a Specialist Biomechanics Coach, which enhances her knowledge of human anatomy and movement to ensure every client achieves their goals.

Victoria is no stranger to injury due to the demands of a physical job and in the past, experienced a challenging back injury. This proved to be more problematic than she first anticipated and did not respond to the usual methods she had tried, to include Pilates. After many months of various forms of physical therapy, she began to research Somatic movement as an alternative treatment.

Somatic movement dissolved many years of stress and tension from her body, which no other therapy had been able to do.

Victoria is currently the only Somatic Movement Coach in Marbella and the surrounding areas.

Victoria has over 18 years experience in teaching exercise and some of the qualifications she holds include:

  • STOTT PILATES – matwork and all studio equipment
  • Somatic Movement Coach
  • Specialist Biomechanics Coach
  • Assessing in the Active Leisure Sector
  • PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in Life Long Learning Sector)
  • Personal Training Diploma


Fully certified in the world-renowned STOTT PILATES exercise method. STOTT PILATES Certified Instructors are some of the most sought after instructors in the world.

Often referred to as the 'Ivy League' school of Pilates, STOTT PILATES instructors have the depth of knowledge and practical skills to teach effective group or personal training programs to clients of any age or fitness level - from post rehabilitation patients to elite athletes.

Victoria is qualified to teach STOTT PILATES Matwork and on STOTT PILATES Equipment (Reformers, Cadillacs, Stability Chairs & Ladder Barrels) to Advanced Level 3.

Specialist Biomechanics Coach

Trained in intrinsic biomechanics, a qualified Biomechanics Coach can perform individual full-body biomechanical assessments, establishing any areas of mechanical weakness and prescribing an exercise programme to help eradicate the problems identified.

A Biomechanics Coach gives you the confidence to move freely by assessing every part of the body's mechanics and empower you to look after yourself with your personal corrective exercise plan.

As a Specialist Biomechanics Coach, Victoria is currently qualified to the highest level of biomechanical coaching in the UK.

What clients and medical professionals say about Victoria Taylor

Victoria Taylor - Pilates & Biomechanics Kent
  • "I am a 78 year old with a history of lower back pain and more recently left hip pain. I have been to my GP who prescribed painkillers and rest, but this does seem to help the increasing pain in my hip. I was beginning to think I may be needing a hip replacement as I know a lot of people my age who have one. I decided to see if Victoria could help. She was very honest and said that she might not be able to make any difference, but was very willing to try. She performed some gentle assessments on my hips, back and shoulders and sent me home with some really simple exercises that I could manage to do on my own every day. After one week, my hip was not hurting and I was able to climb the stairs again more easily, after one more session with Victoria and some more homework, I have regained my mobility and am feeling much more comfortable after only 3 weeks. I am no longer on painkillers and feel that without Victoria’s expertise, I would still be struggling daily and my pain probably worsening."
    Margaret C.
  • "...of all the pilates instructors I have come across in my professional life as a physiotherapist and matwork trained Pilates instructor myself, Victoria has greatly impressed me with her professionalism, communication skills and attention to detail in her instruction…motivating clients yet making it fun also and this I believe stems from her great rapport with her clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Victoria as a highly motivated, capable and hard working instructor who shows great personal interest in her clients' musculoskeletal concerns and awareness also regarding the safety issues of addressing these through Pilates. It is her attention to detail in her instruction that sets her apart from many other instructors and I believe it is this that makes the difference between 'going through the motions' and actually achieving the required results"
    Sarah S
    Physiotherapist MSc. HPC
  • "I decided to give Pilates a second chance - no longer am I restricted by daily back pain because Victoria has taught me exercises to strengthen my muscles to support my back and exercises to relieve tension. Victoria is an excellent teacher - having given up on Pilates in the past because of what I now realise was poor tuition I was surprised at how beneficial it has been. Being only 28 and living with a bad back and hyper-mobile joints seemed a burden but Pilates has helped my rehabilitation after injury and has taught me ways to manage my condition without medication."
    Rachel L.
  • "As a former competitive water-skier I have suffered numerous sporting injuries over the years, including some spinal damage, which up until recently has required almost weekly Physiotherapy. Pilates was suggested by my physiotherapist and has made an incredible difference. I have more mobility, better stature and without the tension in my back I am definitely more relaxed. Unfortunately the physio lost a client!"
    Bob S.
  • "Victoria has run classes for The Ananda Clinic since June 2013. She is a wonderful asset to have. Her classes are very popular with our clients because of her professionalism, warmth and extensive knowledge of Pilates and Biomechanics. Victoria makes her students, of which I am one, feel confident and safe whilst at the same time making the classes enjoyable and stimulating. I do not hesitate in recommending Victoria’s classes and one-to-one sessions to my patients. I would recommend anyone who is nervous about trying Pilates to put yourself in her hands."
    Janet Adams BA (Hons) DC MMCA
    McTimoney Chiropractor, The Ananda Clinic
  • “I first met Victoria in 2009 when I was looking to improve my own personal practice in Pilates. She was highly recommended and she taught me over a period of several months. I was incredibly impressed by her teaching skills, knowledge of Pilates and her professionalism. Several months later, in my role as Principal Tutor of the Pilates Institute, I was in need of a tutor for the Studio Equipment courses and Victoria was at the top of the list. Not only was she fully involved in the course planning but she also rewrote all the teaching material for the courses at this time. Her tutoring skills are excellent and she is very approachable and supportive of the students. She has an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and is a very dedicated tutor. I would highly recommend Victoria and wish her every success in her career.”
    Joanne Cobbe - Principal
    JPilates Education & Training