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Victoria Taylor - Biomechanics Kent

Private Instruction with Victoria Taylor

A private class is advisable if you are currently recovering from injury, surgery or if you have been referred from your health professional. Private classes are also available for those requiring more individual or specific programmes.

Victoria will discuss your requirements at your initial assessment (1 hour). Once a medical questionnaire has been completed, Victoria will assess how your body is currently moving; assessing pelvic and spinal mobility, muscle tension and weakness plus advising on posture and lifestyle changes in order to provide a plan of action.

Exercises will be prescribed to eradicate any issues and these can be emailed to you after each session if required.

Many participants combine private classes with group classes to provide added challenge and fun.

Please contact Victoria to discuss your requirements and availability.
Prices € Per Person
Single Private Class (60 mins) 30€
Duet Private Class (60 mins) 40€
Group of 4 people (60 mins) 40€